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Transformica's partnership initiative gives publishers the opportunity to create excellent eLearning courses and assessments at rapid speeds. With Transformica, you can sell your courses and assessments directly on our Content Library or incorporate them into your existing textbook products.

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Developing eLearning Courses

It all starts with developing eLearning courses and assessments. We've streamlined the entire content development process to ensure eLearning courses and assessments can be developed by your team as quickly as possible. Our dedicated authoring tool standardises the content development process and also gives your stakeholders a bird's-eye view of your content development pipeline.

Structure Assessments
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Cloud Authoring Tool

Our authoring tool is where all of your content is neatly organised in a single location. It is the central place where your entire team can go to author eLearning courses and assessments.


Study Notes and Quizzes

Use any of our simple-to-use predefined templates to create interactive quizzes, short study notes and much more.


Structure your Courses and Assessments

Use our mapping tool to quickly structure your eLearning content so it aligns with the curriculum and the structure of your existing textbooks.


Track your Content Pipeline

The authoring tool provides you with real-time insights so you can quickly see how content progress through your content pipeline, enabling you to manage projects more effectively.


eLearning Delivery Platform

Now that your eLearning courses and assessments are developed, the focus shifts to delivering the content to students and teachers. Your courses and assessments can be delivered to students, classes, departments or even whole school communities through our eLearning App. The eLearning App allows students to access interactive quizzes, comprehensive study notes, and also gives students the power to track their own progress and compete with other students. It doesn't stop there. Teachers can also track student and class progress through our dedicated Progress Tracker platform. Not only can teachers gain valuable insights into student progress, they can also cater to the needs of individual students much better.

With Transformica, you never have to think about developing, maintaining, hosting, scaling or managing custom eLearning platforms. Our fully managed eLearning solution takes care of all your eLearning needs.

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Selling and Distribution Channels

Selling and distributing your eLearning courses and assessments could not be easier. We have a wide range of options that will enable you to sell your content literally anywhere. You can maintain full control over order fulfilment or outsource it to Transformica's dedicated fulfilment team at no additional charge.


Hosted Order Forms

Every eLearning package that you wish to sell has a dedicated order form that is hosted by us. You can easily integrate this form on your own website or share the link with anyone. All orders that are placed through these order forms are fulfilled and taken care of by Transformica's fulfilment team, giving you freedom to focus on building your eLearning courses and assessments.

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Physical Access Cards

Physical access cards enable you to sell eLearning courses and assessments to customers using the same method you currently use to sell your textbooks. (online and bookstores) When orders are placed on your website or other channels, simply ship out physical access cards, just like you would with textbooks.

Each physical access card contains a unique access code that is covered by a scratch-off coating. Students can register their unique codes to gain access to your eLearning courses and assessments. This is the perfect solution if you want to maintain full control over order fulfilment. Best of all, our design team can design custom access cards for your business at no additional charge.


Physical Stickers

Physical stickers share the same concept as our physical access cards, apart from being stickers. Our stickers enable you to include access to your eLearning packages by retrofitting your textbooks that are already printed with our custom designed stickers. This is the perfect solution if you are interested in making use of our bulk discounts and including a digital license with every textbook sale.

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Online Content Library

We also have an Online Content Library where teachers and students can find all your eLearning packages in one central place. All orders are fulfilled and taken care of by Transformica's fulfilment team.

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Publisher Insights

Every 21st-century business should embrace the power of data. We keep you up-to-date with key financial and content insights. We've built world-class business intelligence dashboards that update in real-time, providing you with all the key metrics to run your eLearning business. Best of all, if you ever want more insights, our team are ready to
work with you to build the exact dashboards that you need in order to track the
success of your eLearning business.

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Use Cases

The possibilities with Transformica are endless. Here are a few example use cases and eLearning package ideas.


Enhanced Textbooks

eLearning packages can be included with every textbook that you sell as an add-on, making your textbooks stand out from other publishers. We provide special bulk discounts when you include an eLearning package with every textbook sale. With Transformica, creating the perfect blended learning solution is now easier than ever before.


Stand-alone eLearning Packages

Transformica enables you to diversify and sell stand-alone eLearning packages to students and teachers. Creating a new range of digital eLearning products are now possible.


Comprehensive School, Department and Class Solutions

With Transformica, you can take advantage of bulk selling to whole school communities, departments or classes. Increasingly, schools are interested in comprehensive eLearning solutions that capture every aspect of the curriculum for a range of subjects. Transformica enables you to easily create Science/Maths/Commerce department packages or even comprehensive school-wide solutions that include all aspects of the curriculum.


Student Progress Tracking Solution

Transformica's progress tracking platform enables teachers to track student progress against the eLearning courses and assessments that you create. You can now offer teachers and schools a comprehensive solution that not only includes a cloud-based learning tool, but also a real-time student progress tracking solution.

Our Pricing

Our pricing is very affordable and straightforward.
You only pay when you make a sale.



per Course / Subject Sold

Bulk discounts are available.

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What will you get?


Authoring Tool

Your entire content development team will receive access to our authoring tool. This will enable your team to quickly develop interactive courses and assessments at rapid speeds.


Integration with Progress Tracker

The eLearning courses and assessments that you develop will integrate seamlessly with our Progress Tracking Platform, giving teachers the ability to track class and student progress in real-time.


Earn Commission

You will receive 25% commission on any Progress Tracker sales. This will enable you to not only sell digital eLearning courses and assessments, but also provide teachers the ability to track class and student progress through our Progress Tracker.


Dedicated Success Manager

We will assign a dedicated success manager to your organisation. The success manager will answer any questions and assist you along the way.


Custom Design Services

Our design team can craft custom access cards and stickers to suit the branding of your business.


eLearning App

All the eLearning courses and assessments that you create will be made available on the eLearning App. This platform enables students and teachers to securely access your eLearning content in one central place.


Free eBook Conversion

Transformica's content team will convert your existing textbooks into interactive study notes. You can decide whether you want to include the study notes with your eLearning courses and assessments.


Reporting Dashboards

We will provide you with real-time business intelligence dashboards. These dashboards cover both financial metrics and content usage metrics that will assist you in running your digital content business.


Order Forms and Fulfilment

Every package will have a dedicated hosted order form. In addition, all orders placed through the forms and our online Content Library, will be fulfilled and taken care of by Transformica's fulfilment team.

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If you are interested in partnering with us, we would like to hear from you.
Feel free to contact us at [email protected].